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Indonesian history


Kalung is a Quebec-based company that moves from house to house, sharing its collections of exotic jewelry along the way along with a remarkable joie de vivre.

Everything changed in Jisca’s life when she stopped in Bali during a “backpack” trip.

Unable to choose which pieces to bring back to her loved ones amongst an amazing variety of jewelry on-site, Jisca meets Nyoman, a commercial trade agent who explains to her the basic concepts of cargo exportation. Soon she finds herself sitting at the back of a scooter, visiting one craftsman after the other to kick-start the ordering process before catching the next plane. A crazy adventure, isn’t it? It was undoubtedly an extreme test of Jisca’s confidence, as many thousands of dollars are left behind with a friend she only met two days prior. She decided to let go and move forward towards her next destination… while hoping that her precious cargo would find its way home in La Prairie, Canada.

Everything turned out well, thankfully… since Jisca now counts dozens of orders through Nyoman. If Kalung pieces are found in your homes and your workplaces today, it’s through Nyoman’s efforts – but mostly, through the care, the passion and the culture of local Indonesian craftspeople who create our beautiful jewelry.

Kalung is a company where the interpersonal aspects come first: friendship and trust are paramount in all our relationships with Indonesian craftspeople and workers. Jisca has created her company on these very pillars – to promote relationships through group events, spread the joy and have some fun. These principles are realized day after day, by offering jewelry collections that are suited to our clients’ lifestyle and their taste in fashion, at affordable prices. We love it!

Learn more about the Kalung story by hosting an event in your home. Since every Kalung representative knows how to present the Kalung story in her own personal way, you will live an experience unlike any other. In addition, you will get the opportunity to discover the “Maybe” bag – a unique concept, exclusive to Kalung. Enter Kalung’s universe to discover the beauty of the world, in the comfort of your home!

We’re coming over… are you ready?